Direct Thermal (Zebra) Labels

Direct thermal labels for Zebra, SATO, TEC, Datamax, Cognitive, Intermec, Post Tek, Wasp and other direct thermal printers.

How to select your Direct thermal labels

Direct thermal labels, also known as Zebra labels, are heat sensitive and are great for short to medium term application, such as freight labels, retail labels medical testing and more. They don't require a ribbon or ink to produce the label image. Instead the direct thermal paper label has a reactive top coating that turns black when heats is applied via a direct thermal printer.

So select the quality label is the key. if you want your direct thermal label can print out crisp image and stay scannable longer find the quality one. Blumax label is exactly your selection.

Blumax takes FASSON (Avery) 16NW direct thermal paper for our label material

Good quality ensures every Blumax labels with crisp printing result and reliable sticky adhesive. All our Direct Thermal Labels are selected by our printing experts and your order will be delivered from our Melbourne store directly.

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