100 Rolls 100 x 150mm (4"x6") Direct Thermal Permanent Label, 300 Labels Per Roll + Free Gift D1180CW Label Printers

By Blumax

Direct thermal Perforated Label 100mm x 150mm - 300 Labels Per Roll

Label Summary:

  • Avery Fasson Direct Thermal Material(16NWS/AP103/BG40#) as the label media which ensure high quality and reliable printing.
  • Each labels measures 100mm x 150mm.
  • Label Colour:          White
  • Labels Each Roll:    300
  • Perforated labels for easy tearing
  • For use in direct thermal printers
  • Core size:  25mm

Working for the following printers:

CognitiveTPG Ci, CognitiveTPG Advantage LX, CognitiveTPG Cxi, Intermec PC43d, Intermec PC43t, Intermec PM43, Intermec EasyCoder PF4i, Intermec EasyCoder PF4ci, Intermec EasyCoder PF4ci, Intermec EasyCoder PX6i, Wasp WPL610,

Datamax-O-Neil E-4204B, Datamax-O-Neil E-4205A, Datamax-O-Neil E-4206P, Datamax-O-Neil E-4305A, Datamax-O-Neil H-4212, Datamax-O-Neil H-4212X, Datamax-O-Neil H-4408, Datamax-O-Neil I-4212e, Datamax-O-Neil I-4310e, Datamax-O-Neil M-4206, Datamax-O-Neil M-4206, Datamax-O-Neil M-4210, Datamax-O-Neil, Datamax-O-Neil M-4308 Mark II, Datamax-O-Neil M-4308 Mark II, M-4308,Intermec EasyCoder PD42, Intermec EasyCoder PF4i, Intermec EasyCoder PM4d, Intermec EasyCoder PM4i, Intermec PM43, Postek TX2,

Samsung-Bixolon SLP-TX400,Samsung-Bixolon SRP-770II,

SATO CG4, SATO CG408, SATO CG412, SATO CT408i-DT, SATO CT408i, SATO CT412i, SATO CT424i, SATO CL408e, SATO MB400, SATO MB400i,


TSC ME-240, TSC ME340, TSC TDP-643 Plus, TSC TTP-243, TSC TTP-244, TSC TTP-244 Plus, TSC TTP-245, TSC TTP-342MC, TSC TTP-346M, Wasp WPL305, Wasp WPL406, Wasp WPL612, Zebra 105SL,

Zebra 110Xi4, Zebra 110XiIIIPlus RFID-Ready, Zebra GC420d, Zebra GC420t, Zebra GK420d, Zebra GX420t, Zebra GX430t, Zebra P4T, Zebra QL 420, Zebra QL 420 Plus, Zebra RW 420 Print Station, Zebra RW420, Zebra RW420, Zebra S4M, Zebra S600, Zebra Z4M Plus, Zebra ZM400,

Many uses: shipping labels, barcodes, carton labels, address labels, general purpose tasks.

    Printer Features:

    • Many uses: shipping labels, barcodes, carton labels, address labels, general purpose tasks.
    • Print Method: Thermal
    • Printing Resolution: 203dpi 
    • Printer dimension: 217*182*172mm
    • Printer weight:1.4kg
    • Max Printing speed: 150mm/s 
    • Printing width: 25-104mm 
    • Interface: USB
    • Consumable type:Continuous label/Fixed length label/Folder label/Receipt paper
    • Label width:30-118mm
    • Label capacity:127mm(OD)
    • CPU: 32Bit RISC CPU
    • Certificate:CE、FCC、ROHS
    • Printing life:33,3000 sheets of 4*6 shipping labels
    • Edit method:computer