Compatible Dymo #0929120 25mm x 25mm 750 Labels/Roll White Labels

$4.50 $5.50
By Blumax

Label Compatible Dymo SD0929120 25mm x 25mm

 Looking for quality Dymo Label 0929120? Check out this compatible Dymo S0929120 white label.

This label uses Avery-Fasson thermal direct material(16NWS/AP103/BG40#) as the label media which ensure high quality and reliable printing. They come on paper that makes the label easy to peel to ensure that it can constantly do mess-free jobs for you, such barcod, address labels and general purpose labels.

  • Label measures:      25mm x 25mm, 750 labels with each rolls.
  • Label colour:             White with permanent adhesive
  • Consumable type:     Label roll
  • Model code:              Compatible Dymo S0929120
  • Label type:                 Direct thermal printing
  • Label usage:              Indoor
  • Work with:             

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